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Cover of We All Have our Demons

Paperback - 222 pages
Printed 2002

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$A 24.95

This book basically reveals what Hollywood has been presenting for 20 years is actually Bible truth. It is a result of 30 years experience as Christian exorcists (deliverance ministers).

The heart disease of original sin is SPIRITUAL. It is so simple, so obvious and the churches have been so blind! Indeed it may scorch the paint (or cement) off the church walls.

The book explains how easy it isto increase our level of sin disease (demonisation) by our behaviour patterns, and looks at the most common forms we humans suffer (fear, stupidity, rebellion, life-threatening infirmity, stress, mental illness, superstition, etc.).

Special chapters deal with cancer, death, religious spirits and mind problems such as multiple personality, dissociate identity, and false memory syndrome.

Deceptions such as reincarnation and supersition are explained as well as the mystery of the biblical Man of Sin revealed. This is necessary before the return of Christ
(2 Thess.2: 2-4).

It is not a book of condemnation, it is a book which offers hope to those who suffer without relief. It makes change possible where it once seemed impossible.

We have tried to present spiritual truths in a way most people can understand but, because scholars need hard evidence, some sections in the second half are tailored for serious Bible students.

Chapters include;

  • Chapter 1 - What on Earth has Got Into Us?
  • Chapter 2 - Cancer and Death
  • Chapter 3 - Religious Spirits
  • Chapter 4 - We All Got Our Demons!
  • Chapter 5 - Sin is Demonic
  • Chapter 6 - Reincarnation
  • Chapter 7 - The Man of Sin Revealed
  • Chapter 8 - More On the Mind
  • Chapter 9 - Action Stations!


Extract from “We ALL Have Our Demons!”

We have yet another two vital revelations to share with you in this chapter, and it is to do with two deadly maladies which cause a death somewhere, every moment of every day. Cancer and heart disease are alleged to be the two greatest killers of mankind in the West.

We know that the physical human heart suffers from the spiritual diseases of sin and death (Rom. 5:12), so it is not difficult to accept that sin and death will gradually take the toll within the physical heart organ in due time. Men and women may diet or exercise or do any number of things to reduce the risk of heart disease (and there may be nothing wrong and everything right in what they do) but the fact remains that most of these attempts do not address the REAL problem (which is spiritual) and so the best result that can be achieved is a few extra years of life.

It is the old story of cause and effect, where the real cause is SPIRITUAL and the effect is manifested in the PHYSICAL flesh, in God's good time.

Perhaps even more important is the subject of cancer, and again we should apply the law of cause and effect.

If the medical profession is correct in describing cancer cells as WILD or REBELLIOUS cells which have broken out of the normal laws of nature and have thus rebelled against God' order and design for His creatures with wild, chaotic growth rather than orderly growth, then what do you think would be the SPIRITUAL cause of such destructive disorder?

Yes, YOU are right. Rebellious cell growth is inspired by a spirit of rebellion (S.R.L.W.). There may be physical causes for cancer, such as smoking cigarettes or the sun's ultra violet rays etc. etc., but I am suggesting that these are only catalysts or triggers that feed the spirit of rebellion and assist it to create rebellion in the flesh.

In any event smoking cigarettes is an act of rebellion in the majority of cases. Not too many parents encourage their children to smoke but rather the opposite. My oldest son smoke deceitfully and against his parent's wishes from the age of fourteen. He rebelled - and paid for it - it took him another twelve years to break the habit but, praise God, that curse is broken now.

An interesting report appeared in the Sydney Sun newspaper as follows:



Beat cancer by joining an austere religion - that's the advice from visiting expert Professor John Higginson. Professor Higginson, from the International Agency for Research on Cancer said in Brisbane that the cancer rate was closely related to life style.

He said:

"I'm not trying to take all the pleasure out of life but people should be aware that over-drinking, over-eating, too much cigarette smoking and exposure to sunlight are primary causes of cancer. These people should at least moderately reduce their over-indulgences to reduce the risk of cancer". Professor Higginson said the general life style of the western industrial societies had established their cancer rates.

He said members of societies such as the Seventh Day Adventists in the United States had lower rates of cancer because they did not smoke or drink and were semi-vegetarians. There is a 50% less cancer in men and 70% in women in relation to other American citizens", he added.

I suggest that although Professor Higginson's advice is good, the main reason an austere religion is a bulwark against cancer is that membership involves discipleship (discipline; based upon obedience and submission to religious authorities. The basic human characteristics of S.R.L.W. are cut down to the minimum, and therefore manifestations through the flesh are hindered and weakened.

This is not meant to imply that people who develop cancers are to be considered more rebellious against God than others - it simply means that because we are ALL born in sin, with an old nature which is or was rebellious (Eph. 2:1-3) natural earthy, devilish, etc. (James. 3:15), we are ALL susceptible to cancers. The way to destroy Satan's grounds for putting cancers upon us is to fully obey and fully submit FIRST to Christ as the Son of God, and SECOND to all divinely constituted authorities (church, civil and family) according to God's revealed will in the New Testament.1

In a phrase,, forgiveness of sins through the blood of Christ and obedience to the New Testament break down Satan's claims upon us, for where our rebellion is utterly defeated, the physical symptoms of rebellion are unlikely. Can a good tree show forth evil fruit? Certainly any ministry to the afflicted must bear these principles in mind.

Rebellion (witchcraft) or I should say S.R.L.W., can be seen today in the almost total disregard the human race has for God's guidelines to life - indeed for the .Godhead! Some historic church denominations are experiencing a falling away which only a genuine revival by God's Spirit can reverse. Such falling away is, of course, prophesied by Paul in his second letter to the Thessalonians. He tells us THE rebellion (apostasy, falling away) must take place before the Day of the Lord comes and this rebellion will reveal the Man of Lawlessness (Some ancient manuscripts have 'Sin' instead of Lawlessness.) He tells us that this man will set himself up as God, even against claims from all other so-called gods and even now (50 A.D.?) this mystery of Lawlessness is already at work. The Lawless One will be revealed in due course (like an iceberg pulled out of the water?) and his presence will be according to the operation of satan (2 Thes. 2:3-9).

Is there anything more than a spirit of REBELLION inspiring cancer? Well, let us think about that. Remembering the law of cause and effect, what do you think?

Is cancer a terminal illness? Yes it is, so what spirit causes death? Death! (And we were born with that one too!).

Is it an infirmity? It certainly is, so there are many strong ones of those around also (cf. Luke 13:11-12). There is no one living who has not been born with hereditary infirmity spin them, and in this present wicked world of adultery, fornication, homosexuality, drugs, rebellion and unbelief etc., it should not surprise us that the evil one has so much scope to defile, deform and destroy us, even before we are born. Plainly, to break the Law of Christ by rebelling against the teaching of the New Testament is in reality to submit to authority of the evil one.

There may be other unclean spirits in "fellowship" with those mentioned above, which you will have to seek out with the Lord's help, and obviously a person's life-style will tell you about what has enslaved them (2. Peter 2:19). However 'l think I only need to mention one more as being highly likely to be present in cancer victims – Destruction.

So I suggest that in ministering to cancer sufferers you -will certainly need to do battle with REBELLION (S.R.L.W.), plus also death, infirmity, cancer - and destruction.


Because rebellion is the root cause of cancer, many sufferers will find it difficult to follow your counsel, such as attend Deliverance and Restoration meetings read the Word, (fast and pray, exercise and revolutionise their eating habits (i.e. crucify their flesh 1 Cor. 9:26, Gal. 5:24). etc., The rebellion may have almost totally overtaken them, so it is very difficult for them - and you.

A number of people known to me have been shocked to discover they have cancer, but few have submitted themselves to our Deliverance and Restoration program.

Doug stopped me on the golf course recently to tell me of his recently discovered stomach cancer, and imminent operation. Doug is a very decent man, bought up in a strict Methodist home which was caught up in puritanical legalism - no fun on Sundays, it is the Sabbath (Rest)!

As a result of the poor theology behind such religious restrictions Doug can now only find fault with the Christian faith, not realising that such man-made traditions are quite contrary true Christianity. His rebellion is so set in that even if he were to listen and discover EVERY day now belongs to the Lord (Rom. 14:5-6, Gal. 4:9-11) that such O.T. legalism is a thing of the past (Gal. 4:8-11, Col. 2:14-17) and that we now enter God's Rest because we have BELIEVED, and will one day fully enter it (Heb. 3:18 - 4:6), it is doubtful if he could break the chains of his mind-set, humanly speaking. He is full of excuses (rebellion) and will need grace from above.

However cancer certainly makes people stop and think - and re-think! When diagnosed, it gets everyone's attention!

So many people with cancer are looking for an instant healing - a miracle! It doesn't occur to them that God wants the REBELLION in them dealt with before the healing is granted, in the vast majority of cases. Bill Banks, president, of Impact Books Inc. and a highly effective deliverance and healing minister in the USA tells the story of his healing from cancer in his testimony book "Alive Again". He was declared healed by his doctors seven months to the day after he received the ministry of healing according to James 5:16-18, and was anointed with oil in the Name of the Lord.

It took Bill seven months to get his healing after the prayer of faith had been made, because Bill says, he had so much to learn back then (1970).

People learn very little from a miraculous healing except that God is God and He heals, and most of us know that anyway. Cancer victims need to see that their rebellion has to be broken and their lives cleaned up in His sight, spiritually AND physically.

All you who minister can do is your part in Christ Jesus, and hope and pray they WILL do their part. By God's grace you will see many saved and healed that would otherwise have experienced an early death. Hallelujah!

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